Stranded on a mysterious planet inhabited by dinosaurs you must develop hunting and tracking skills to outsmart cunning dinosaur AI.

is an immersive survival adventure in a vast world where dinosaurs are the dominant species. Alone and stranded on a mysterious planet you must learn to survive. Develop hunting and tracking skills, build, explore and fight to outsmart one of the most cunning dinosaurs AI you ever witnessed before. Experience joy, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, and anger as you plunge into a unique sci-fi story about the struggle and the meaning of life.

The rules of this planet are quite simple. Kill or be killed. Hunt or become prey. Eat or be eaten. Here, even the smallest insect can become the cause of your doom.

Simultaneously, you will often encounter creatures that will tolerate or even like you. Discovering who is friend versus foe will be one of the most important tasks ahead of you. Learn how to sneak up on creatures. Analyze their tracks, observe their habits, look for their weak points, and find the best moment to attack. Remember that each animal has a different sense of smell, hearing, and sight. As an experienced hunter, you will be able to hunt at night, but so will the creatures hunting you, so you should be all eyes and ears at all times.

Prepare to be surprised. For reasons unknown, some of the dinosaurs in this place are overly aggressive towards you. They are driven by something more than instinct and hunger. You'll learn the reasons for this behavior if you will live long enough. Predators can hunt day and night. They can fight each other or work together.


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