"Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on pizza". 

Pizza Simulator gives you an opportunity to open and manage the pizza restaurant of your dreams. It's all in your hands. Toss it, flip it, make it. Create your pizza empire! Pizza Simulator is a unique combination of strategy & simulation games with economic elements. You take the role of Pizzeria Manager. Start from the bottom with a few bucks in your pocket to deal with the challenges of the pizza business.

Come out on top, build the largest pizza franchise in the world, or end up getting broke. Welcome to the world of Pizza Simulator.

Here are just slices of the big pizza that you can eat in Pizza Simulator

  • Making pizzas - world's record - 14 pizzas in 2.35m. Do it tasty, but do it fast.
  • Leaderboards - compare rating, speed, and finances with other players
  • Customization - countless options of customization
  • Marketing - effective advertising = easier success
  • Delivery - everyone loves hot pizza, hate a cold one. Be always on time.
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