Welcome to medieval times. Times of Jousting. You take part in a grand tournament competing with other knights, for fame, glory, wealth and to win the king's niece's heart.

XIII century, Europe, royal market courtyard. You are a knight who joined the medieval tournament. Your task is "simple". Jump on your trusty steed, grab your lance & defeat the enemy. Take into consideration speed, accuracy, and strength. Equipment is also important. The better gear the easier the task. Oh, and other knights - they want to win as much as you do.

You beat them the king's greatest treasure is yours. And I didn't mean gold.


  • Physics - experience Exciting fights based on true lance fighting physics.
  • Progression - Knightly tournaments in which only the best advance to the next stages.
  • Customization - Choose who you wanna be and how you want to look.
  • Challenge mode - Smash hanging items. An exceptional aim helps you hit the target.
  • Destroy - Helmets, armor, and shields! You can destroy enemy gear!
  • Equipment - unlock new gear or upgrade old one in exchange for earned points
  • Hotseat PVP mode - Race to smash items for points with your friends
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