Freezing Moonshine is a unsettling first-person adventure game with elements of plant cultivation, puzzles, and lots of high-proof beverages. To survive, you'll need to gather harvests, take photos, and craft a wide variety of spirits.

Under the guidance of a brilliant moonshiner, you'll learn to craft alcoholic beverages that would dazzle even the wildest connoisseurs - including the world's coldest vodka. Throughout the adventure on the hill, you'll plant dozens of fantastical crops, gather tons of plants, and produce liters of substances that will help you conquer the cold.

Head to the motel surrounded by crackling frost, where you'll encounter eccentric residents. To achieve your goals, you'll need to join forces and endure the twists of fate. Dozens of challenges await you, paving the way for a spectacular report.

Unique Game Aspects

  • Moonshine - Learn how to make the best liquor under the guidance of a prominent moonshiner.
  • Story - Discover the story of a mysterious motel that hides many secrets.
  • Humour - Get involved in entertaining plottwists and black humor.
BOOZE MASTERS – Freezing Moonshine
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